Wallet New York

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Dimensions: 12 x 8 x 2 cm
Inner lining: 100% cotton
High quality PRIM push button

Pull tab for left inner compartment
RFID - Protection
Space for 10 - 12 tickets
ticket compartment for up to 200€
Handy coin compartment

Finest cowhide
First class handwork
High quality linen bag


Inspired by the classic portrait format, the NEW YORK is a reduction to the essentials. With its compact size and thin design, it is the right choice for everyone who wants a classic wallet but does not want to miss the advantages of a slim wallet.

That is why modern wallets are small

Gone are the days when the wallet could not be big and heavy enough. Everyone can certainly still remember their own grandfather or an older family member who used to carry such a bulky wallet. Nowadays wallets are small, space-saving and stylish. One reason for this is that cash is no longer as important as it used to be. You can now pay almost everywhere with credit or debit card and rarely have to resort to cash. Solutions like PayPal make cash transactions in the private sector obsolete. That's why some men now even completely do without a coin compartment in their wallet. Our model "New York" is a small and stylish wallet that even has a generous coin compartment. This purse takes up hardly an inch of superfluous space.

High quality leather wallet

We had already mentioned that our wallet "New York" is an absolute eye-catcher. For the production of the purse we use high quality leather, which is processed with love by absolute masters of their craft. You can see and feel this craftsmanship and attention to detail when you hold our high-quality leather wallets in your hand. The leather is robust and prevents seams from opening or the outside of the purse from wearing out after a long period of use. Furthermore, leather wallets are timelessly beautiful and represent a classic look. That is why our wallets appeal not only to young, fashion-conscious men but also to experienced businessmen. They all appreciate the combination of stylish looks and high functionality of our wallets.


In the following video we show how the New York wallet is constructed and how it can be loaded.


How much are the delivery costs?
Within Germany delivery is free of charge - guaranteed. Other countries will be connected soon.

How long is the delivery time?
The delivery of the ordered goods takes place within approx. 1 - 3 working days after complete payment.

Is there a tracking and tracing system?
Yes, the tracking number is sent to you in the shipping confirmation and can be tracked at the German Post.

Do you deliver to packing stations?
Yes, DHL and Deutsche Post deliver to Packstations.

Who pays for the return shipment?
We bear the costs for the complete return shipment.

With our Start Up we support the work of the German Doctors and help where help is needed most urgently.

With your purchase you are donating the following:

  • With every purchase of a purse you donate lunch for 1 week
  • With every purchase of a bag a child in the slums receives 1 WHO (world health organisation) compliant vaccination series.

Wer zahlt den Rückversand?

  • Wir übernehmen die Kosten für den Rückversand in Deutschland.
  • Solltest du international bestellt haben, achte darauf deine Rücksendung ausreichend zu frankieren.

Wie hoch sind die Lieferkosten?

  • Innerhalb Deutschlands ist die Lieferung kostenfrei.
  • Alle EU Länder = 9,90€
  • Kein Versand in die Schweiz

Wie lang beträgt die Lieferzeit?

  • Die Auslieferung der  bestellten Ware erfolgt innerhalb von ca. 1 -3 Werktagen (DE) nach vollständiger Zahlung.
  • EU Länder 5-7 Werktage.

Gibt es eine Sendungsnachverfolgung?

  • Ja. Die Sendungsverfolgungsnummer wird dir in der Versandbestätigung übersendet und ist bei DHL nachzuverfolgen.

Liefert ihr an Packstationen?

  • Ja, DHL beliefert auch Packstationen.

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