Aid Project Calcutta

Partner of the German Doctors E.V.

With our Start Up we support the work of the German Doctors and help where help is needed most urgently. The internationally active non-governmental organization (NGO) sends free doctors to projects in the Philippines, India, Bangladesh, Kenya and Sierra Leone.

German Doctors has been working in the Indian metropolis since 1983. Around 40,000 treatments are performed in Calcutta every year. The focus of the German Doctors' work there is on basic medical care for the needy population through the slum ambulances and also on fighting tuberculosis.

Through preventive measures such as accompanying nutrition programs and hygiene training, the German Doctors also strive to improve the health of their patients in the long term. In order to reach the people where they live and to save the sometimes seriously ill people long journeys, two teams of three German Doctors each travel daily to the various slum ambulances in the urban areas of Calcutta and Howrah as well as in the adjacent rural areas according to a fixed schedule.

In the outpatient clinics, the teams treat many infectious diseases, unfortunately also still many cases of malnutrition and malnutrition, especially among children and women, and due to the high level of air pollution, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition to the outpatient clinics with a general medical focus, the German Doctors also maintain special tuberculosis outpatient clinics as well as a tuberculosis hospital for women (St. Thomas Home) and one for children (Pushpa Home).

Our donation

For every purse sold, we donate lunch to a malnourished person in the slums of Calcutta for 1 week. For every bag sold, one child in the slums receives 1 WHO (world health organisation) compliant vaccination series.


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