Which wallet suits me ?

Which wallet suits me best ?

In the search for the perfect wallet, the range and selection can be overwhelming. The decision is often difficult. So that you know what you can expect from our wallets and which one suits you best, we have presented our 5 top sellers.

The bestseller: Slim Wallet Taipei

The first and most striking wallet that immediately catches your eye is our bestseller, the Slim Wallet Taipei. It convinces with its slim design and its various functions. It has easy to use card compartments for 1-2 cards each, an extra window for the driver's license or ID card and a practical note compartment. The great thing about the wallet is that it can be ordered with or without a coin compartment. It is so handy and slim that it fits in every pocket without leaving annoying dents. So the Taipei is perfect for you if you like hip and innovative designs. To the Slim Wallet Taipei

The classic: Wallet Belfast

Our classic Belfast has room for nine cards and an additional pocket for your ID card or driver's license. It also has a large coin compartment with a Prym push button. The Belfast also has a bill compartment and can be opened easily and casually. It is a little bigger than the Taipei and has a classic and timeless design. It is perfect for you if you prefer to travel in a classic way in everyday life. To the Belfast Wallet

Your faithful companion: Wallet New York

At first glance, the New York wallet is similar to the Slim Wallet Taipei. From the inside, however, the two wallets differ significantly. The coin compartment of the New York wallet is on the inside, whereas in the Taipei wallet, it is on the outside and has a zipper closure. The New York coin compartment has a snap fastener. It has 3 card compartments and two additional compartments for 2-3 cards with a pull tab. Like the Taipei, the New York has an extra bill compartment. The New York, however, has no zipper and no button to close the wallet. Therefore it is more robust and classic than the Taipei. The New York is made for you if you want a more classic version of the Taipei. To the New York wallet

The perfect mix: Slim Wallet Tallinn

The Slim Wallet Tallinn is like a fusion of the Taipei and the Belfast Wallet. It has no print head, but a coin compartment with a zipper. The Tallinn also has room for up to 10 cards. In addition, it has a window for the identity card and the driving licence. The Tallinn does not have a dummy compartment like the Belfast, but has a dummy flap. The Tallinn is therefore slimmer and fits like the Taipei in every pocket. The Slim Wallet Tallinn is your perfect companion if you want a slim wallet without frills. It's simple and practical, and yet it looks good. To the Slim Wallet Tallinn

The new one: credit card case Cali

Our credit card case Cali is modern and innovative. All your cards fit into this handy case. The practical lever function makes it easy to slide the cards out. It is not only easy to use, but also future-oriented. The trend in everyday life is towards cashless payment, so the Card Case Cali is your favourite if you prefer to pay without cash and do not want to carry unnecessarily heavy wallets. To the credit card case Cali


Our bestsellers prove themselves in daily use. The unique quality speaks for itself and the feedback from our customers motivates us to get the best out of our products every day. Discover your own personal accessory now and become part of the wonderful community of ETAVI

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