Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather

The leather we use for our products is called Crazy Horse Leather. Crazy Horse leather has been known for centuries for its aesthetic appearance, robustness and durability. The name is derived from the popularity of the leather in saddle making.

Crazy Horse leather is - contrary to the name - made of full-grain cowhide. A coating of natural wax is applied to the leather and polished to a rich, smooth finish. Bumps and scratches change the hues of the leather and create the rich, multi-colored shine that only the finest, highest quality natural leather is known for.

Unlike treated leather, which does not change over time, Crazy Horse leather lives and reacts to time and use, revealing color variations and allowing the material to develop an extraordinary patina. The effect is developed by using two colours, one when dyeing and one when finishing. This allows the base colour to develop over time and create a patina with a marbled finish. 100% authentic cowhide should therefore have irregularities. Crazy Horse leather is also the only leather with color-changing properties. This way you can make your brand new favorite item look rugged, rare and mature. Thus, every scratch and every wrinkle will make your wallet your own unique piece.

How is Crazy Horse leather made?

After the upper part of the leather is sanded and polished, a special wax is applied. Unlikeother types of leather that are treated with oils that act as chemical preservatives, the wax creates a natural protective film. This strengthens the leather fibers and protects the leather against water and other undesirable effects such as food and liquid spills, sunlight, mold and fungus. In addition, the wax does not give the leather any staining properties that could discolor fabrics and other surfaces it comes in contact with. This makes it an ideal choice of material for wallets, handbags, cell phone cases, backpacks and other items that come into close contact with fabrics or skin.


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